Beach University, High & Middle School

Atsushi's beach trip
In this journal, Atsushi invited anyone who want to come along to the beach.

Anyone who wish to come are free to do so, weither they have told Atsushi they will or not.

[log] Sezun & Byakuran
Who: Sezun & Byakuran
What: Sezun's first day of his new job, where he meets Byakuran.
When: On Sezun's first day at work. Quite recent.
Where: The nurse's office.

“Oh, come on, no need to feel shy. I have longed for someone to talk with.”Collapse )

[mini-open log] Marui's sort-of birthday party
 Yagyuu offered to take Marui to a café as a birthday gift, and everyone ends up being invited.
It's a nice café, not that big, but not small either. The important part is the cakes and sweets. In the birthday boy's opinion, at least, but your muses are entirely free to have their own opinions to that, of course.

Anyone is free to drop by whenever they would want or feels like it, don't mind when or where you come to bother them.

[ooc] Open logs, the like
Hah, I'm posting a mod-thingie again today.

Just adding a bit of something, that will be edited into the FAQ as well, but put here so you can see it.^^

If you have any ideas for open logs (because yep, we'll have them), just throw the ideas on me or anikiHotaru. You can either mail us, or contact us through our RP-characters or at this post, your pick. Ideas are lovely, so if you ever come up with an idea, feel free to tell~!

[ooc] About problems posting
 Morning! ^^
So I got a mail telling me there was some problems with the posting access and such, that I wasn't aware about. So thank you for telling! :)
Anyway, it should be fixed now, but do tell me if there's any further problems anywhere and me or aniki will help you as good as we can.


[LOG] Niou & Yagyuu;
the colors of the defaulted.

Who: Niou Masaharu (the_trixxxster ) & Yagyuu Hiroshi (verusvero )
What: Wherein Niou takes the opportunity to show off, Yagyuu’s interests are well met and where a new challenge is born.
When: March 29, after Yagyuu extended an invitation here.
Where:  Yagyuu’s dorm - #215.
Rating: T, I guess for language.


"Niou liked puzzles, after all. He was good at them."Collapse )

School starts up
Good afternoon.

We wish to inform you that next Monday, April the 11th, classes will start up. You are to be at Your classrooms at 9:00 sharp, although we do not object it if You arrive early.

We also would like to inform that pets are allowed. As long as You do not disturb Your friends who live alongside You. You will also need to have consulted Your eventual roommate if You wish to keep a pet, so that it is alright with Him or Her.

[Log] Kaito & Sieg
Bang! *wink*
 Who: Kaito Daiki (dienddaiki )  & Sieg (whitewingsieg )
What: Kaito tries to relax outside, but Sieg decides to come and bother him.
When: right before Kaito's journal entry on 29/3
Where: at campus near the dorms.
Rating: K+-T
That is because my magnificent self do not feel the need to keep distant.Collapse )

The school has its own beach, a long stretch of white sand with a small bay. 

There is forest all around the other sides of the premises, and the students are not allowed past the forest. If they do attempt to walk through it, there are several rows of fences lining throughout the forest.

The dorms lay not a far distance from the gym and indoor swimming pool. It lays between the beach and the school-building.
Further north, there is a town that lay withing the fences, where the students can go and look at clothes, animals, go to the café or cinema or the arcade and a lot of other things that can keep them entertained.
The teachers' dorm is located between the pool and the town, in a more secluded area, so that they won't be bothered by the students.

Character Birthdays

16: Ankh ankh_lovesice 


02: Akutsu Jin: sashizusuruna 
20: Marui Bunta: sweetslovingboy 

07: Kaito Daiki dienddaiki 
12:  Sieg: whitewingsieg 

 15: Kandou Jyan nikinikiukiuki 

 19: Yagyuu Hiroshi verusvero 
 28: Byakuran white_nurse 

1: Kazari schemingcat 
20:  Kisarazu Atsushi: ksskss_boy 


4: Niou Masaharu: 


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