Beach University, High & Middle School

 If you need to go on hiatus, comment here.
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Room Assignments

 All students live in mixed years in dorms arranged after university, high school and middle school. The teachers live in another dorm.

All students live in a double room and might end up sharing with someone they don't know. The teachers live in singles rooms.

All dorm-rooms have a small toilet with a shower. There is two beds, one closet and two desks.
On the bottom floor, there is a common bath and showers, one for males, one for females.

The beachgossipcrew  have their own separate rooms in different dorms. 
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Quick Add
Post the following in the [ COMMAND CONSOLE ]

friend add beachuni_mod
friend add beachgossipcrew
friend add whitewingsieg
friend add ksskss_boy
friend add sashizusuruna
friend add sweetslovingboy
friend add dienddaiki
friend add the_trixxxster
friend add ankh_lovesice
friend add verusvero
friend add nikinikiukiuki
friend add schemingcat
friend add white_nurse
friend add sezun_hafez

Taken Characters

Hanasakeru Seishounen

Sezun Hafez: sezun_hafez 

Kamen Rider Decade
Kaito Daiki: ankh_lovesice 

Kamen Rider Den-O
Sieg: sezun_hafez 

Kamen Rider OOO
Ankh: schemingcat 
Kazari: sezun_hafez 

Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Byakuran Millefiore: ankh_lovesice 

Prince of Tennis
Akutsu Jin: sezun_hafez 
Kisarazu Atsushi: dienddaiki
Marui Bunta: sezun_hafez 
Niou Masaharu ankh_lovesice 


Prince of Tennis

Kamio Akira: lauren_san: 02/09

Application Form
Fill out the application below and comment here.

You can have five characters, how ever you have to show that you are going to be active with all of your characters. If you show inactivity with your characters in this RP, you might not be allowed another character.

You may reserve characters to app for. Then you will have two weeks to send in your appliciation before it gets up for grabs again.

HERE you can see which characters are taken or reserved.

APPLICATION: Copy/paste and fill in.

<big>PLAYER INFO</big>
<b>Name:</b> (if you don't want to give your name, just give us something to call you by)
<b>Journal</b> (Must be a valid journal)
<b>Contact Info:</b>
<b>Fandom:</b>  (it is a multi-rp, after all)
<b>Role:</b> (student (division), teacher, other)
<b>Character Journal:</b> (leave blank if you will fill in after approval)
<b>Character Biography:</b>  (tell us about your character and about his or her personality, quirks etc)
<b>Journal Sample</b>
<b>Tag sample</b> 
<b>Anything Else?</b> 

Once your application is accepted, please complete the following:

1. Read the [RULES] and [FAQ]
2. Join beachuni  (in your character journal)
3. Go to the [QUICK ADD] and comment with your journal name to be added. Add everyone else to your journal.
4. Post your [CONTACT INFO].
5. Comment [HERE] to recieve a room.
6. Comment [HERE] to get your character's birthday added to the list.
7. Post the form below in your characters profile info.

<big>PLAYER INFO</big>

<b>Contact Info:</b>



Journals - Every muse (character) has his (or her) own journal where they post what they think, just like an normal journal. You have to friend the other characters so you can see their posts of course. You write it as if you really would write an entry at your own Journal. That means... only thoughts mo action.

Comments - Comments are a good way to push the plot. Through conversations in the comments can opportunities for Logs arise.

Screened Posts and Comments - Screened Posts and comments are labelled with [screened to...] or [screened from...] the first means that just you and the named person are able to read the part and the second means that everybody but the named person can read it. However you can't screen a comment from the person who wrote the Post your commenting too.

Private Posts - Work like screened posts however really nobody can read these posts. (except our gossip-crew) They are labelled as [private]

Logs - Logs are the real roleplay part. You write them with one or more other muns(players) through IM's like AIM or MSN or over Mail or Google docs. In logs, you are playing what happens outside the computer. You meet friends, your lover or have fight with somebody. Logs are posted in the main community with this form:

Who: (is involved)
What: (happens)
When: (did it happen)
Where: (did it happen)
Rating: (K, K+, T, M)

And then your log should be hidden behind an LJ cut because Logs tend to be long

Open Logs - There will be open logs every now and then, and you are free to come tell us any ideas you might have for one. Like a party or some activity that anyone can join. Just throw the ideas on any of the mods whenever you would want to.

this faq-form is copied from sei_dai 's faq.
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1. No God-modding, please.

2. Bigger changes or plots that affect more than two people have to be announced to the involved characters. When there are changes which will effect the entire RP, the Mod's have to be informed and a post on the main comm is necessary.

3. Players should be at least 16 years old.

4. Please no Character Deaths (at least none of the muse's) and please no Drama.

5. Post at least two times a month. If you don't post at least 2 times a month you will recieve a warning at the months' end, and if warned twice, your chara will be removed and free for applying for.

6. Character Limit is 5 at the moment.

7. A Hiatus can be granted for one month. You can tell the mods about you going on hiatus HERE

8. Mod-Posts have to be read because they are Important!

9. Post your logs in the community and make sure to label correctly. Put appropriate rating and labels.

10. Private Posts and Screened posts is to be marked as ”plivate” or ”screened to … / screened from ...” However, our three gossip boys, beachgossipcrew , are able to see your private/screened posts.
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