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[log] Sezun & Byakuran
sezun_hafez wrote in beachuni
Who: Sezun & Byakuran
What: Sezun's first day of his new job, where he meets Byakuran.
When: On Sezun's first day at work. Quite recent.
Where: The nurse's office.

Sezun nervously fidgeted with the hem to his head-dress, looking at the door in front of him. Today, he was starting his first job as a nurse. At his old school, too. It was just was a little odd, and he’d not been at the nurses office much when he was a student, and when he had, he had only met the old nurse assistant. Why had she quit, anyway? Hmm...

Byakuran was eagerly waiting for his new assistant. Not that he couldn’t take care of the students himself, it was just that he liked company. The old nurse had quit mumbling something about him being a pain in the ass or something like that. Therefor it was good that he would get some fresh meat to play with. If he would just show himself already.

Taking a deep breath, Sezun forced his wildly beating heart to calm down, and he lifted his hand to knock on the door. A moment, he hesitated, then let his knuckled touch the door’s wood. “Ex-excuse me..”

Byakuran jumped down from his chair and skipped to the door opening it with a big smile on his face. “Welcome~.” he sang.

Taking a step back in surprise when the door opened, Sezun balled his hands around the fabric of his loose clothing. “Ah, uh--- N-nice to m-meet you..” he bowed to the man in front of him. “I-I’m Sezun Hafez.”

“I’m Byakuran Millefiore. Come in.” he said happily, not waiting for Sezun to react at all, grabbing a hold of the other and in a more or less dragged him inside.

Feeling very embarrassed and stressed at how...smiling..this person was, Sezun decided to keep his mouth tightly shut, or he would start to stutter out things in his own language.

“Oh, come on, no need to feel shy. I have longed for someone to talk with.” Byakuran said, gesturing toward a chair so Sezun could sit down. “Why not try to get to know each other. We will work together now after all.”

“Ah-uhhn...” Sezun nodded. “I just... Almost started to talk in my home language.” he stuttered out. “I’m sorry.”

“That is no problem.” Byuakuran said, fishing up a bag of marshmallows from his desk. “I’m not from here either.”

“I..I see..” Sezun looked at the bag of sugary treats and wondered if it really was that good for a doctor to be eating something like that during work hours. “You don’t look like... someone from around where I’m from, though...”

“Italy.” he simply stated, popping one of his beloved sweets into his mouth. “And You?”

“Raginei.” Sezun replied.

“Raginei?” Byuakuran said. “Think I have heard of it somewhere. What is it like?” he asked, puling up a hand full of marshmallows.

“It’s nice.” Sezun said with a smile. “Warm and nice, and while there can be some uneasiness there sometimes, it’s a very nice country.” But as it was a country in the Arabian world, it wasn’t weird that it was warm.

“My parents had to choose the worst town in south Italy to live in.” Byukuran said. They had moved there for the sake of a few good doctors. His family was just a bit obsessed when it came to medics. “Moved away for my study though.”

“Un, I did the same.” He didn’t say anything about how he had decided to get onto the path of medicine. It was just too painful of a memory.

“It was a great school, I learned a lot, but I did not expect less from my grandfather’s school.” he said, playing with his fluffy sweets.

“Grandfathers? You went to a school your family runs?” Sezun asked, feeling slightly awkward about it.

“Mm, he has a chain of them. It’s harder to find a good school that don’t have him or another of my family members mixed in somehow.” Byakuran explained, standing up. “Something to drink?” he asked, walking over to the small kitchen area he had installed in a previously empty corner.

“I...Yes please..” Again, Sezun gave a small bow. “I went here, so...” He silently wondered if Byakuran’s family had influence over Umikani Gamuen as well.

“What do you want? I have tea, coffee, chocolate or normal water.” Byakuran asked, getting a mug for himself. If he was to be true to himself he had no idea where all of his family member was. Two big family lines of doctors and everything around that mixed together and spread all over the world was a bit hard to keep track on.

Sezun thought about it. Tea.. what type of tea would that be? “Coffee.” he settled for. There was different types of blends for that too, but he would have to wait for drinking his favorites until he had had the chance to explore the store Byakuran had.

Byakuran picked up anther cup and started to make coffee to Sezun and chocolate to himself. He was more for sweet things and rarely drank coffee. Only when he was really tired he did. “What did you do before getting here?” he asked not wanting the room to go quiet.

“Ah, I studied. I just finished my studies.” Sezun told him. “How long have you been working here, Mr. Byakuran?” He, also, didn’t want the room to get quiet, and that was why he was asking.

Byakuran nodded. “Do you want milk in your coffee?” he asked, placing the cup in front of Sezun. “You don’t have to add the Mr, it sound to stiff.” he said, trying to find a spoon for his own cup. “I have been here for four years now. I did work at a hospital before getting here, but I didn’t like the atmosphere. It was to sad.”

“No thank you.” he said. “I prefer it black.” Because it reminded him of the coffee his brother made. He didn’t get along that well with him nowadays, and hadn’t talked to him properly for several years. “Oh, no, I can’t.” he said. “It would be rude.”

Finally finding a spoon Byakuran decided that he would have to clean up the kitchen soon, when he felt like it. “It is only rude if I think it is rude and I don’t think it is.” he said, dropping down marshmallows in his hot chocolate.

“Ah, but...” it would feel awkward for him... He looked towards the kitchen, and stopped himself from mentioning the mess.

“No buts Sezun-ragazzo.” Byakuran said, giving the other a big smile.

Sezun blinked in confusion. “Ra--ragazzo?” He fidgeted and brushed his bangs out of his eyes. “T-thenn Byakuran sayedy...” he used the formal way of addressing a superior.

Byakuran blinked once at the unfamiliar word, it sounded polite to him. “Ragazzo yes. You will be that until you stop being so polite towards me.” he said, taking a sip from his marshmallow chocolate.

“B--but it’s natural to be least for me..” He had been scolded when he wasn’t, while his parents had still been alive, and it had just stuck to him.

Byakuran shook his head. “I’m not telling you stop being polite only towards me.” he said, fishing up a marshmallow on his spoon. “How is the coffee by the way?” he asked. “I’m not that used to making it.” The best combination for marshmallows was, after all, chocolate and not coffee.

“It’s fine, thank you.” Sezun said, smiling lightly.

“That's good. I’m no good at coffee. To bitter.” Byakuran said, giving Sezun a big smile.

"Ah, un." Sezun nodded again. This person.. was a bit odd, he decided. But he had managed to get this job and no matter what quirks this person had, he would stay at the job, because he had things that he needed to do.


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