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[mini-open log] Marui's sort-of birthday party
beachuni_mod wrote in beachuni
 Yagyuu offered to take Marui to a café as a birthday gift, and everyone ends up being invited.
It's a nice café, not that big, but not small either. The important part is the cakes and sweets. In the birthday boy's opinion, at least, but your muses are entirely free to have their own opinions to that, of course.

Anyone is free to drop by whenever they would want or feels like it, don't mind when or where you come to bother them.

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In nature of the current events, (in this case: a birthday), Yagyuu naturally took the course of action that suited his "gentleman's" image the best (in this case: hosting a birthday party). 'Things are progressing smoothly', or so he vaguely thought as he scrutinized himself and his current state of dress in the glass window next to him; seeing his reflection perfectly in place, a smile found its way on his lips as it usually would when everything proceeded as planned.

'I hope this proves to be interesting.'

He idly glanced at his watch and how the seconds would curiously go by without a care. But, seeing as he still had an ample amount of time, he hummed a tune inaudibly to himself, simultaneously tightening the tie around his neck; though, he did it more out of leisure and habit than out of practicality. Taking another side glance at himself in the glass as he reinspected himself, he continued onto the chorus of the song. He'd hope it wouldn't be too long, because, admittedly: he wasn't one for waiting, even if he'd say otherwise. But, Yagyuu Hiroshi always said otherwise.

Marui practically bounced down the road, walking a bit faster as he spotted Yagyuu. The silly boy was already quite sugar high, yet he was going to eat more sweet things, that did nothing but make it worse. He stopped in front of Yagyuu, wrapping his arms around the taller male in a hug. He liked hugs, and too much sugar sort of made him act like a drunk. A cuddly drunk, but still. It made him want to hug and cuddle everyone.

"Yo, Yagyuu!" He let go, beaming up at him.

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Yagyuu was fairly concerned with his reflection in the mirror, but that seemed to seize entirely when he caught a flash of bright colored hair within his peripherals. As he turned towards the other male (and directing himself away from his self-conscious), he found himself oddly enraptured in a rather sweet-smelling embrace. Somewhat shocked, he stood there, fairly stiff until he was released. He wasn’t sure if the look of shock was apparent on his face as it wasn’t very long-lasting, but he brushed it off and offered a light laugh before he spoke. “Marui-kun, you're here. Shall we head in?”

Motioning towards the entrance, he offered a light smile. “What type of sweets are you feeling?”

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Marui didn't notice the shocked expression on Yagyuu's face, but it had been there. He did, however, notice how stiff the taller had been during the hug. Somehow. "Hey, why'd you go all like a stick insect like that when I hugged you?" Because he had been stiff. Like a stick. But he was able to walk, so that meant he was a stick insect, didn't it? It worked in Marui's sugar-induced mind, at least. "Does that mean you don't like hugs?" He pouted up at Yagyuu, with eyes that somehow reminded of those of a puppy's.

Then his brain managed to register the questions he had been asked, and he started to beam again. "Yeah, let's go!" He pulled the other inside. "I love all kinds of sweets, so it doesn't matter! Buuuut.." He thought it over for a while. "Cake!"

Looking at the other boy’s crestfallen expression (aka puppy dog eyes) he coughed lightly in response before answering. “Ah,” he softly laughed as he continued, “it’s not that I hate it. Rather, well,” a pause, “I suppose I was just taken a back. I apologize for any inconvenience or ill-will it might have caused you.” Though, the diction he used was fairly rigig, his voice had a soft and light quality to it that made it sound a little more casual.

Additionally, seeing the others enthusiasm and honesty caused him to loosen up a bit more. After all, it wasn’t as if Marui were Ni-. He cut off his thoughts completely. Being led in by the arm, he released a rather small sigh, but he smiled. There was something refreshing about Marui’s nature. Perhaps, the fact that he was unlike himself.

“Cake it is then. Do you have a preference or would you like to be surprised?” Yagyuu was actually fairly used to this entire notion as he often treated his younger sister to cakes and the like and the idea of doing this motion over again despite being far from home was in many ways, almost therapeutic.

"No problem, no problem." Marui kept on grinning. "I can just continue and you won't get 'taken a back', then." If you could get used to it, but it shouldn't be impossible, right?

"Any cake! Surprise me!" The shorter nodded so quickly that it probably hurt, but he didn't give it much thought. He wasn't kidding when he said he loved all sorts of sweets. He couldn't even pick a favourite. He only had a favourite when it came to gum, and even that was crowded by many many flavours that followed closely behind the first.

It wasn’t exactly a sound assertion, but generally Yagyuu wasn’t the disagreeable type. “I suppose that could work,” he said softly, feigning a sort of consideration. Honestly, Yagyuu wasn’t used to physical contact, perhaps because of his mask or perhaps for deeper reasons, but either way: it wasn’t him.

Eyeing a seat that was adjacent to the main window and near the back of the café, he led Marui there smoothly and without mishap. Once they were somewhat settled, a waitress came and Yagyuu ordered a small selection of cakes for Marui and a Hazelnut Café Au Lait for himself. The waitress soon dismissed herself and Yagyuu opened himself up for conversation.

“Since I have not yet had the pleasure of telling you in person yet. Happy Birthday Marui-kun,” he smiled at the other boy as he fingered the outside of the glass cup of water placed before him.

"Course it works!" Marui beamed up at Yagyuu, bouncing in his step as he let himself be led to a table. The happy expression on his face just growing at the sight of the cakes. "They look real tasty!"

"Thanks, Yagyuu!" Marui let out a happy laugh. This far, the day had really been great. Not counting math of course, but he had decided to ignore it for today. Not that he remembered much from said class, as he had been keeping the sugar high all day. Meaning a happy and cuddly now eighteen-year-old boy.

Niou honestly didn't mean to walk into the birthday party of the sugar-addicted red-head. He didn't want to be involved with something like that, and he certainly never wanted to walk into the situation without a plan. He'd simply gone into the cafe because they sold some amazing gingerbread lattes, and he loved gingerbread lattes.

And unfortunately, he couldn't just leave, because then they'd know he had walked in there without a plan, and that wasn't what was expected of him. So instead, he put on his usual lazy grin and sauntered into the party.

Well, if he'd be attending this thing, he was going to make it interesting.

Atsushi had decided to come by the café just for the sake of making Marui feel uncomfortable - what were friends for, after all? And happened to see Niou walk in. Heading over to him, he patted his shoulder and grinned slightly. "Well, ain't you looking like a lost sheep or something." he commented. "Yo, Niou. Didn't know it was here Yagyuu decided to take Marui?"

Niou glanced over when he felt the touch to his shoulder. He snorted and rolled his eyes at the question. He lied through his teeth, quite convincingly, since Niou was always good at covering for himself. "Of course I knew. I'm stalking him. I always know where he is and what he's doing." He paused. "Stalking Marui, that is. Not Yagyuu." Although that didn't seem like such a bad idea, come to think of it.

Yagyuu's eyes had flickered once he saw Niou enter. He nodded politely at the boy and motioned over to him. Courtesy was entirely important for a gentleman, after all.

"Ah, Niou-kun, I never expected to accept the invitation," his voice was soft and his words came out smoothly and carefully. In all honesty he'd like to say more. That "considering" it all - Niou didn't seem like one for these types of festivities and what more? That Niou, despite being who he is: didn't seem all to keen on the entire ordeal and perhaps came completely unprepared, but as always he opted for silence.

Niou had caught sight of Yagyuu as soon as he entered, and cursed himself for not noticing him before he entered. But none-the-less, he made his way over to where Yagyuu was.

He grinned at the other boy's words and shrugged. "What, and miss the chance to see you put on a party?" Or see Yagyuu in general, really. Niou was always interested in seeing his latest challenge.
Maybe the fact that he had walked into this situation ass-backwards wasn't such a bad thing after all.

"I hope that it'll meet your standards then," a light laugh caught itself in his throat and seemed to cling around the edge of his sentence. He gave a rather casual smile as he gingerly used his forefinger to press his glasses back up against the bridge of his nose. Tight and conforming, as he'd always have it.

"Ah, by the way, I apologize for not calling you, though you've so kindly given me your number," he said it in a way that could have almost been mistaken for being playful. Almost. Almost, only if his true nature were non-existent, as truthfully Yagyuu was never playful. He always had motives, he always had calculations; there was no time for "play" in a gentleman's world.

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Niou smirked and shoved his hands into his pockets, slouching a little more than he had been before. "You've got a bit to live up to, Yeahgyuu~. I've seen some pretty wicket parties." Despite his words, though, and contrary to popular belief, Niou didn't go to parties very often. And when he did, he usually didn't drink. If he was going to get wasted, he was going to do it in the comfort of his own home where he wouldn't make an idiot out of himself.

Niou just shrugged, brushing off the apology like it was nothing. "Classes have started," he replied, and that was his form of an explanation. "People have been busy. Especially me, because I have to help that sugar-high idiot with his math because he can't seem to grasp the concept of numbers."

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"Oh?" He smiles, as always courteously, both to Niou and the concept of Niou attending "wicked parties." The latter being a fairly unfamiliar and foreign idea. Honestly, Yagyuu could only imagine what those parties would entail and as he pondered on that, he wanted less and less to do with it.

Placing his elbows on the table, palms down and his left hand over his right, he spoke slowly, "that's not surprising, considering how socially graceful you present yourself to be." His chin found its way on the back of his hands as he looked Niou in the eyes, "but, rather than graceful, perhaps you just have a certain charm." Though, it appeared to be flattery, the tone in Yagyuu's voice was much too deadpan for it to completely come off that way. And in all honesty Yagyuu himself couldn't quite tell what his intentions were when he said that or what he meant by it. It was a curious ordeal, but one that he would reflect on much later.

"How kind of you, Niou-kun, perhaps we could make it a joint session," he paused thoughtfully and then continued, "though, I'm more partial to teaching him Science."

The pieces of Yagyuu's personality that Niou had began putting carefully together flew completely out the window at his words and the contradicting tone. Just when he thought he might be understanding parts of Yagyuu, something happened to make him doubt himself. This was going to be harder than he originally thought.

And the idea of that made him absolutely ecstatic.

He smirked and leaned back a little, crossing his arms over his chest casually. "I've been told by several people," he said, "that I'm quite the charmer. Although they usually say it with much more malice and anger in their voices."

Niou in many ways - perhaps even in cryptic or secretive ways - came off as being an interesting individual. And this made Yagyuu fairly certain of one fact. And that was that unraveling Niou's inner character would turn out to be a rather enticing game of cat and mouse. And Yagyuu being whom he was (or at least whom he pretended to be) decided it would be most ungentlemanly to go down without a fight. He was sure his opponent echoed the same sentiment.

Yagyuu swallowed hard as if it were some mechanism to shift topics in his head. He knew it wasn't, but hey, a distraction was a distraction and a diversion would naturally be-

"I'm sure they mean well, Niou-kun. After all, you are the official provider of entertainment, are you not?" Though, it was a question, it almost sounded completely asserted.

"I'm pretty sure they didn't." Niou refrained from letting out a light laugh. "Because the only times that someone has said that to me have been when I've successfully tricked them or conned them out of something."

He broke into a wide grin and seemed rather pleased with himself when he spoke. "Hell yeah I am. And you haven't even really seen my magic tricks, have you? Do you believe in magic, Yeahgyuu~? What about miracles?" Niou didn't. He believed in luck and slight of hand. And having the skill to make most people believe what he was saying.

"As long as it remains in legal bounds..." Yagyuu's words trailed off, with an almost soft-like quality; a thoughtful pause. He then lifted his chin from his hands and looked at his watch, once again - another diversion for his inner monologue.

Seeing Niou grin about magic and the like caused Yagyuu to smile back in return. It was naturally a rather small smile as his lips just slightly curled at the corners, but it was a legit smile nonetheless. (Though, Yagyuu would much rather curse his motor responses than himself. But, he knew better.) Either way, he quickly masked it and shook it off as he came to speak, "apologies, Niou-kun, I find myself severely under studied in the practice of magic and hence, lack knowledge on the subject." It was true. All Yagyuu knew was that it seemed fake (correction: was fake), perhaps akin to himself. An illusion. 'Maybe this is what they call irony.'

Niou snorted. "Sure, the legal bounds. Totally."

His grin widened And he leaned farther back in his chair in order to get the deck of cards out of his pocket. He sat it on the table in front of him. But instead of opening it, he flicked his wrist. Now, in his hand, was a card. He sat it face down on the table and flicked his other wrist. Another card appeared in his hand.
Niou might have walked into this party unprepared, but he never actually went anywhere unprepared. He always had a trick or two up his sleeves, sometimes more literally than others.
He continued this for a moment, setting the cards on the table as they seemed to appear. After a moment, he sighed.
"Damn. This is gonna take forever." Then he started flicking out five or six cards at a time, but it continued to look like they were appearing out of thin air. And once all the cards, still face down, were on the table, he looked at them and tilted his head.
"Hm... it appears I'm missing a card. The eight of clubs." He looked up at Yagyuu, a smile beginning to curl onto his lips. "Check your back pocket."

Watching the other flick out cards with (what seemed to him to be) accustomed ease, he found himself fairly fascinated. He wondered where this trick was going, but seeing the other slowly grin only confirmed that he would not have to wonder for much longer.

Without a word, Yagyuu, as directed by the other checked the back of his pocket. He hardly had to grope around as he soon felt something stiff. Pulling it out, he laid it out flat against the table. “It appears your predictions are correct, Niou-kun, “ his expression even as he continued, “would you be willing to explain how it got there?”

Yagyuu, after all, was human and was prone to curiosity as rare of a notion as it would seem.

Niou took the card Yagyuu had sat on the table and slipped it into the pile. Then he picked up the deck and straightened it up, still grinning. "Why, Yagyuu, don't you know?" He slipped the deck into his front pocket again and winked. "A true magician never reveals his secrets." It had been easy to do. He had just slipped the card into Yagyuu's back pocket when he passed behind him. And how did he know it was the eight of clubs? Well, he'd been using a trick deck. They were all the eight of clubs.

The other deck, the one Niou had pulled out of his pocket at the very beginning, remained on the table, and Niou fiddled with it aimlessly. "Would you care to see another one?"

“Somehow, though I was entirely aware that you would respond in that manner, I couldn’t help but ask.” Yagyuu wasn’t sure when he started to be more ingenuous with his words or his expressions, but he supposed it didn’t matter. He’d just have to get it back into check. Additionally, Yagyuu was more apprehensive about how Niou successfully completed that feat without him paying nearly any notice. Though, he supposed it was the same way Niou had gotten overly ‘personal’ with him in his dorm.

“Naturally, if you’re willing to show me then I have no qualms,” he pressed his glasses back to the bridge of his nose. While he watched, or rather scrutinized the other’s movements, Yagyuu hummed a sequence of pitches; all in tune with the one of the songs in the Phantom of the Opera. Though, at this point he wasn't sure if this was in mockery or in recreation. After all, for Yagyuu Hiroshi – the line between the two tended to be as thin as paper.

"Magicians always respond in that manner," Niou said easily. "It's what we do. We're secretive and cryptic as hell, and that's why nobody likes us. That's why we grow up doing our magic, and eventually, everyone forgets our names, and we die alone. And then people are like, 'Niou Masaharu? The name sounds familiar? Didn't he used to be a totally awesome magician back in the day? Oh well, he's a nobody now. A dead nobody, at that'. These are the sacrifices we make for magic."

Niou recognized what Yagyuu was humming almost immidieately. His grin widened, if at all possible, to include tongue, but he didn't say anything about it. Instead, he took the deck, the regular deck, not the one with only the eight of clubs, and shuffled it a few times. "This is one of those classic 'is this your card' tricks," he informed. "They're over-used, but there're tons of 'em." Once he shuffled it a seventh time, and then an eighth because he hated the number seven, he showed the cards to Yagyuu, so he could see their numbers. "Alright, this is a regular deck of cards. They're not all the same card or some cheating shit like that. Here, you can even shuffle them." He sat the deck in front of Yagyuu.

[OOC: I apologize for Niou being an idiot, or a freak, or a jackass, or whatever it is he's doing up there. XD]

Being with Niou always put Yagyuu on an edge. As if he’d have to plan things with more detail. And as if he’d have to pay closer attention to the others words in order to capture some small nuance or implication. Usually, the results were satisfactory, but this time Yagyuu was completely lost. He wasn’t sure what Niou was trying to imply or trying to get for a reaction; thus, Yagyuu chose to stay poker faced.

“I doubt anyone would forget someone who’s as boisterous as the ‘Niou Masaharu’ presented in front of me.” He said it as if it were the most obvious fact in the world as he scanned the droplets of condensation on the outside of his drink. As Niou started another trick, Yagyuu watched vigilantly and took the cards from the table as commanded.

He shuffled it a couple of times in his hands before he asked, “is this all right?” Setting the cards back down on the table.

Niou snorted a little, but didn't stop grinning. "People always choose to forget they ever even saw me because it's easier for them, or they remember my every feature so they'll recognize me the next time they see me and can clock me in the mouth for whatever I have done to them."

He took the deck back and nodded. "Perfect." He shuffled it a few more times and then spread the cards out in front of him on the table, face-down. "Now. Pick a card, any card. Memorize it, and don't tell me what it is or show it to me. Then place it on the top of the deck." He leaned back in his chair and gestured to the cards.

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