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[Log] Kaito & Sieg
Bang! *wink*
dienddaiki wrote in beachuni
 Who: Kaito Daiki (dienddaiki )  & Sieg (whitewingsieg )
What: Kaito tries to relax outside, but Sieg decides to come and bother him.
When: right before Kaito's journal entry on 29/3
Where: at campus near the dorms.
Rating: K+-T

Kaito settled down by the trunk of the tree, ignoring the bench standing near by, book in his hand. It was nice to just relax outside once in a while, and the weather was actually good today, and it was getting warmer. The raven flipped the book open on the page he had stopped at last time he had been reading, lapping up what sunbeams reached down through the branches.

He had been wandering around the grounds at the school to get to know where things were located, since it was not long time left until school would start up and he would need to find his way around. The great Sieg did not get lost, no matter what happened or where he were.

He spotted someone sitting underneath a tree as he passed, and looked at the other person with a raised eyebrow. “Ah, if it isn't the boy from before.” he remarked, remembering the boy who had called him '80'. No way he was going to call him anything else but 'boy' after that.

The teen looked up, sending the man a glare. “What do you want?” He wouldn't show much respect to someone who kept on calling him 'boy'. He turned his attention back to the book, hoping that it would make the narcissist go away.

With Sieg standing there however, he couldn't concentrate on the words, getting too annoyed by the older's presence. “Can you leave?”

Sieg tilted his head slightly to the side and crossed his arms over his chest. “Why of course, I simply cannot.” He made his way over to Kaito and crouched down in front of him. “Would it not be more comfortable to sit on the bench, if I may enquire?”

Kaito sent the man another glare, eyes practically screaming 'go away, leave me alone'. “You're just out to annoy me.” Kaito declared, still with his eyes focused on Sieg, who was petting his feather boa. “And maybe I prefer sitting here.” he said, aiming a kick at the man.

Sieg gracefully avoided the foot being aimed after him, grabbing the younger male's ankle in his hand. With a slight smirk, he leaned forward and, still with a firm grip on Kaito's leg, was very close to his face. “Maybe so.”

Okay, that put them in quite the compromising position. Not to mention that it was pretty uncomfortable. And too close! “What do you thing you're doing?!” he growled, pulling back at the same time as shoving his hand in Sieg's face to push him away from him.

Sieg chuckled and pulled back. “Oh my,” he smirked and rose to his feet. He adjusted his boa and eyed Kaito. Then he strode over the bench and sat down, one leg crossing over the other elegantly. He continued to keep his gaze at the other, never once turning his attention from him. “Is it bad?” he asked.

Kaito grumbled something quietly, cursing the silly man sitting on the bench next to him. He just wanted this man to leave him alone, but it seemed like that wouldn't happen anytime soon. “It was too close.” he told the man. And disturbing.

Sieg's smirk widened slightly, and he leaned back against the bench. “Hnnn...” He had a feeling that he knew why the young man was so bothered by the closeness, and he couldn't help but find it amusing. Teasing the boy showed to be an entertaining way to pass time. “Why would it bother you so much?” he asked teasingly.

The raven boy snorted at the widening of that aggravating smirk. Annoying.. When Sieg asked that question, he sent yet another glare in the narcissist's way. “Because, like most normal people, I have a sense of personal space. I see it doesn't apply to you.”

“That is because my magnificent self do not feel the need to keep distant. After all, it is not every day commoners like yourself get to rest in such a splendid persons presence.” Sieg explained.

“What are you, some rich old perverted man or something?” All these words that glorified himself.. Kaito wondered if this guy thought about anything apart from himself. Sure didn’t seem like it.

“I am,” Sieg rose. “20. That is, as far as I know, not much older than you are.” He once more crouched in front of Kaito and tilted his face upwards with a finger against his chin. “Am I wrong?”

“You’re too old to be twenty.” Kaito stared up at the man who had moved his face to make his head look further up at him. “So yes, I say you’re wrong. You’re just a perverted geezer.” He refused to back away this time. If anything, Sieg should be the one to back off. It was him who kept invading his personal space.

If Sieg’s smirk could grow anymore, it did. He looked down at Kaito and with that smirk still on his face, leaned forward the short distance and pressed his lips against Kaito’s, slipping his tongue inside his mouth and licking at the roof of it.

Kaito’s dark eyes widened, staring into Sieg’s pale silver ones in shock as he pressed their lips together. What the hell..?! He tried to back off, only to find himself stuck between the tree trunk and the man, who was, pushing his tongue-- It shouldn’t have been possible, but his eyes widened even more, rolling back as the man run his tongue across the roof of his mouth. Why.. why did a bastard like this have to be such an amazing kisser?

When Kaito didn’t push him away, Sieg couldn’t help but feel the smirk tug at the corner of his lips, and he pressed closer, caressing Kaito’s tongue with his own and putting one of his hands by the younger boys head against the tree trunk, the other supporting him on the ground just by Kaito’s hand. He brushed his fingertips across the back of Kaito’s hand.

No, Kaito didn’t push him away, he was much too shocked to do that at the moment. His breath hitched as the older’s tongue caressed his own, and it felt weird, but not bad. He felt his body go numb and his mind went dull.

As the tips of Sieg’s finger’s brushed against his hand, Kaito jerked, and he finally got out of the shock, pushing the man away from him.

Sieg regained his balance not long after he lost it, and looked at Kaito. He chuckled, smirk still in place. “It does not seem as if you have very much experience, boy.” But it was extremely entertaining, and Kaito hadn’t exactly tasted bad, for a commoner. “That is an extremely adorable expression you are wearing at the moment.”

Kaito wiped his mouth and cheeks, as if attempting to rub that expression that Sieg had said he was wearing off of his face. “What do you know, Birdbrain?!” he choked out, staring at the man in front of him. Who did he think he was, this damn pervert!

Sieg raised an eyebrow, feeling even more amused at that comment. “Birdbrain?” he repeated smugly.

“Birdbrain.” Kaito repeated, nodding, trying to wipe the feeling of Sieg’s lips on his own away. It only made his lips feel sore. Even more so after that kiss.

Sieg crossed his arms. “Do you perhaps need help with that?” he asked teasingly.

“No way! Pervert! Geezer! Birdbrain! Pervert!” He knew he was just repeating himself in the end of that, but he didn’t care. His head was boiling over.

Chuckling, Sieg pushed some hair over his shoulder and swiftly grabbed one of Kaito’s wrists, pulling him to his feet. “It may be nice weather, but if you stay out here, it will only result in you catching a cold, boy.” He stole another quick, deep kiss, before releasing the younger.

Kaito hit Sieg in the head with his book, satisfied as he managed to actually get in a hit on him. The slight smirk on his face disappeared however, as the stupid birdbrain kissed him again. He aimed a kick at his legs. “You perverted old bastard!”

The book had hurt, yes, but he would not show it. He avoided the kick and cocked his head to the side. “If you want me to sweep you off your feet again, you can just say so.” he said, and while Kaito still had an unfocused balance, he made the boy fall to the ground with a sweep of one of his legs. “There you go, boy.”

Kaito winced as he fell back on the ground. His ass hurt now, damnit. That stupid..! “What was that for?!” He kicked after him again from where he was on the ground. “And just when did you ‘sweep me’ off my feet?!”

"Now, for example." Sieg stated simply. "And I am quite confident in my kisses as well." And he was also pretty sure that Kaito couldn't disagree without lying.

"Doesn't count. You just made me fall, so you have no right to say that!" He was not blushing. So. not. blushing, he told himself, trying to will the heat on his cheeks away. "And you suck at it." he lied.

“And even so, you are still blushing.” Sieg remarked.

“I am not.” Kaito stood up again, book in hand. He guessed that if he couldn’t be alone here, he would have to go back to his room instead.

Sieg chuckled. “If you say so.” he adjusted his boa, seemingly not very interested in the boy he had been bugging just until a minute ago.

Bye.” Kaito said, making his way back to the high school dorm. “Hope to not see you around.” If he would get harassed like that, he could just as well live without meeting this egocentric birdbrain ever again.

“I will see you around, boy.” Sieg replied, following Kaito with his eyes until the boy vanished from his sight.


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